RockAfrick is an attitude, a spirit and a brand that I founded together with my partner in crime Francine Mulimbi, having in mind the need to design products for a world in between. Being two girls of African descents, with a strong heritage from both Africa and Europe it has always been a challenge to find products with the perfect synergies. This is why we made it our mission to deliver these products and services in the form of clothing, jewelry, events, projects and what ever seems relevant to us within the spirit of our brand RockAfrick.


So, what exactly is the spirit of RockAfrick?

Taking leadership of your own life and style by striving towards positive changes for the future you want to create – BE THE IMPACT!

Are you a desiger, artist, fotografer or creator with visions like ours? Feel free to pitch us your idea for a collaboration and we’ll get back to you.


With Love,

Mary Ndiaye and Francine Mulimbi

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